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Network wins start B2B support program in China

2009 is a year of entrepreneurship. Over the past year, China has experienced too many things, pregnant with sorrow. It is experienced after the financial crisis in China, but also the emergence of a number of entrepreneurs.

net wins technology has been committed to the development of China’s B2B industry website and solution deployment. Since the establishment of net wins so far, has been the enthusiasm of the majority of users concerned, in May last year, the official launch of the network after the release of the free version and open the official forum, but also to get the majority of webmaster support and help. To this end, I would like to thank everyone for the support of the network win, but also sincerely hope that all members of the network wins, and we can go better, farther.


network technology’s goal is to help more Adsense profits through strict B2B, careful analysis and decision, the network decided to start China B2B webmaster support program, realize the website to assist B2B webmaster, and market analysis.

to B2B webmaster support program as the basis, we will provide free of charge for the majority of the Webmaster:

space support program.

program support program.

operational guidance program.

all of us will be provided free of charge, please believe our sincerity!

We carry out

support program, in order to give more to succeed in a development platform, but also to give some difficulties can not achieve their dream of comrades provide a foundation, as long as you need, as long as you dream of success, you may China webmaster, as a cornerstone of success, for your dream wings!



B2B webmaster support program Xiangjie:

1 space support:

high quality space is expensive, for the initial site of the personal webmaster, is a heavy burden, the network decided to part of the idle space free of charge to the majority of individuals with a dream.

provides space for high-quality space, Netcom Telecom dual IP dual line, the size of the space 200m-1g optional. Network wins can not be guaranteed to be the fastest, can not guarantee the highest configuration. But the network wins can ensure that your space and the network is the same as the formal customer space.

(1) website content must be legal. If it is found that the site has the following contents: Download; PW; beautiful photo station; passion movie; gambling; Liuhe; video and music files or BT download resources; such as MLM contrary to national laws or the content of speech website, webmaster forum has the right to take back the free space. Secondly, the network provides free space for support is to go through the network station ideas for your submission to assess and decide, so if you space to upload content with your plan is too large, we will also consider the appropriate free space to recover. In addition, there are forums, Blog and other interactive content of the site please do your content in advance to do electronic bulletin class special

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