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Sina micro blog is a Tencent war grassroots station for meat and potatoes

0:59 on April 30th, the famous master Guo Jijun in the head of the community gathered in the love sent an article titled "I said today how so many people with my Sina, had been pushed to the hall of fame" log, and quickly get the attention of the webmaster.

"we’re all certified." The home station editor Qiu Song wrote in the Tencent of micro-blog. The reason why he wrote so, because many webmasters are around him to ask how to get the real name of Tencent micro-blog certification.

On the eve of the May Day holiday

, seemingly calm and strange Internet world, quietly took the battlefield smoke. Micro-blog Sina micro-blog portal and Tencent micro-blog’s Internet industry insiders optimistic about the fight hand to hand with finally meet on the battleground. And this time they are competing for the end of 09 is the root cause of the cold winter. This allows the majority of small and medium enterprises on the Internet to restart the entrepreneurial hope, because the identity of the webmaster can be recognized in today’s popular micro-blog platform is not expected.

Sina and Tencent in the end who fired the first shot of the battle for micro-blog because of insufficient data is still not good textual research. If you must find traces of words, then, published on science and technology Tencent 15:11 on April 28th entitled "working in the Tencent of micro-blog’s famous Adsense list" news is the fuse. The news in April 29th after the national small webmaster reproduced in the media after the communication effect is unusually hot. One can be corroborated the fact that: in the QQ QQ group in each webmaster, everywhere you can see the invitation of Tencent micro-blog code information. After Sina released micro-blog rushed "webmaster Hall of fame". In the hall of fame, not only through the Sina Real name authentication of well-known webmaster, there are well-known website behind the low-key webmaster, which is more than many grassroots webmaster. It is reported that many of the top of the list is not certified by Sina’s real name, so whether to get V word certification, not to become the only standard Sina Hall of fame. Sina micro-blog also released news and published the "micro-blog Adsense recommend" application Email and detailed application process.


Sina micro-blog on the hall of fame screenshot

Tencent micro-blog has not found related to introduce how to apply for certification, as one person said: "only to see the benefits of certification, also see the importance of certification, is not to see how to apply for certification."

why the two major portals are the value of the micro-blog webmaster ignored by the mainstream media group? A detailed comparison of the data recently widely circulated on the Internet: 3 million 230 thousand websites and 404 million Internet users. Cai Wensheng, known as the king of China’s webmaster in micro-blog also expressed the webmaster should be brave enough to express themselves, their voices cry out, only in this way can cause everyone’s attention. Cai Wensheng is very active in all micro-blog platforms, the recent micro-blog platform to share the experience of the Internet for many years to combat the reality, attracting many grassroots webmaster attention. In addition, as

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