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No longer play black technology company Baidu began to seriously consider how to make money outside

Baidu world conference this year, and finally no longer chopsticks, glasses and unmanned vehicles booth

"let everyone have a close, personal secretary…… It can help you deal with chores, so you focus on doing what you like and do well, so you have more time to enjoy a better life."

When Baidu

CEO Robin Li yesterday morning in front of thousands of people spend ten minutes to demonstrate "of secret", people can not help but doubt that this year Baidu is not to change the apple Siri as an example, to pretend to be a technology company.

a year ago this time, also at the World Congress on Baidu, Baidu will dress up as a Google type black technology pioneer: demonstration of unmanned vehicles, smart glasses BaiduEye, allegedly the intelligence of children 3-4 years old, imitate the human neural network "," Baidu brain will be mass production of drainage oil detection intelligent hardware "chopsticks search"……

one year after the 2015 World Congress on Baidu, in addition to Baidu brain project are continuing publicity, Baidu executives no longer talk about those "black" technology last year, even the intelligent hardware platform Dulife home connection of some products has also been unable to buy.

but this joke will no longer happen next year, because this year’s Baidu no longer black technology as a selling point.


Robin Li demonstration degree secret

removal of the time outside the demo intelligent assistant, Robin Li’s speech focused on how to use Baidu Internet service to make money under the connection line. The virtual assistant degree secret is also linked to this business diversion function, for example, according to the specific requirements of the people, such as can bring the dog, quiet, high-end and other instructions to return search results. At the same time, it can also access Baidu’s cooperation or service, such as in the rice group ordering, or use the Uber cab.

Baidu too need to come up with a new revenue model to inspire the confidence of shareholders, to see their stock prices fall, you know:


Baidu 2015 stock price, from Google Finance

in a year, Baidu’s share price fell 36%, the company’s market capitalization evaporated $26 billion 190 million.

than the other two domestic technology giant Alibaba and Tencent, Baidu’s revenue is too dependent on advertising.


Tencent revenue structure 2015Q2

Tencent’s revenue from the earliest QQ member, red diamond, diamond and other value-added services. With the popularity of smart phones, its value-added services in small screen >

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