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Domain name decoding online games era several major game domain name

popular domestic online game industry, game player age coverage, but also promote the development of online games platform, today’s news, Naruto anime turned Q version of online games, enabled Huoying Larry domain huoying.com as its official domain name, online games industry adds new cases, online high business profits, will attract more enterprises in the field, then the domestic online games platform website will be too numerous to enumerate.


domestic game sites, there are stand-alone games, large web games, puzzle games, etc., these online games platform to enable a variety of types, Pinyin, digital, creative and other domain names occupy a certain market. Phonetic domain occupies a very important position in the domestic industry, is called "Yu Pinyin domain name is king". Learn from diagrams, the domestic game platform there are a number of Sohu such as domain name, domain name changyou.com, long swim net play network domain name jiuwan.com, Valkyrie game network domain name wushen.com, the most important domestic online games platform system perfect and spatio-temporal domain name, the hand holding a plurality of games domain name, such as Chibi chibi.com, Zhu Xian zhuxian.com.

digital domain name easy to remember, in the gaming platform is enabled on this kind of domain name also has a certain number, after the 713.com domain name change caused concern in the industry, 713.com is the original domain name domain name game platform, later changed to 055.com, we obtain 266.com domain name through the acquisition of game center, and enable the domain name to launch the game website, for small children users rice network 61.com game platform. The game industry digital domain name should not be ignored, in this case I believe digital domain name enabled "xiangbobo" will increase.

in addition, online games on the platform in addition to Pinyin and digital, and some creative and other domain, such as the well-known game official domain name sdo.com Sheng, grand game mobile phone network javagame.cn and network giant ztgame.com, the two domain "game" is the combination of pure English domain name, domain name, domain name, World of Warcraft Kingsoft game platform kingsoft.com Chinese station warcraftchina.com, there are ninth city gaming platform 9c.com, Warcraft recharge network ctj.com short domain type.

online user group is huge, the commercial market is broad, with the game platform increased, and launched new games, game player provides fresh gaming experience, but also bring development for the domain name, the domain name throughout the growth trend, has gradually become the online games industry domain name domain name the main object, peripheral products derived, will stimulate the game domain rise. Especially in pinyin types most quickly, that online games will usher in the peak moment of domain name.

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