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Daily conversation version of the WeChat PC version of tenderness will push commercial very cautious

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network October 24th news, recently occupation social app tenderness founder Freya Lim announced this month will launch the bottom end product tenderness PC.

Momo was founded in October 2013, is located in the "social work version of WeChat", the user can manage the network, once found two degree connections, or by keyword search to two degree connections and to establish contact, to find someone to act "moved from the line line, also can look for jobs or pass through the bond of talents required.

2013 October APP has been on-line tenderness of mobile terminal products, after several adjustments, the main functions include real feed flow, anonymous gossip, instant messaging, recruitment and other parts. The extension to the PC end is to render different functions in different product forms. Freya Lim said, intends to launch pulse PC end products in this month, including chat client and web version. Freya Lim explained that the PC version will highlight the main pulse instant communication function, can greatly improve the workplace in fixed places online exchange rate. Before and after the launch of PC version, and also plans to try to launch the Web version.

Freya Lim said that commercialization is still exploring, will be very cautious. "We put forward in time to pay for the cost of the business model, many companies do not accept, for example, I interviewed an employee to pay him his wages, some companies still prefer to pay by interview." In addition, Freya Lim also believes that the tenderness of the charges is from the line, if the online charge, and not for the purpose of profit, but in order to maintain the ecological, to avoid harassment of information overload. Freya Lim also admitted that it will imitate the LinkedIn model, to start a company for the recruitment of personnel to pay, consulting and ancillary financing and a series of services.

from the beginning of creation, and has been used and led the British comparison. The collar is 5 million, the number of users in July this year announced Freya Lim admitted that the current pulse growth in the number of users is still less than led England, because the brand is still in different stages of cognition, "but in the past two months, and threw two lines and nine lines in Shanghai, in Beijing a number of subway advertising therefore, user growth significantly enhance the degree of tenderness, now Baidu index is very close to the leading british."

B round of financing, and had 800 thousand users as much as $one hundred million valuation attract the attention of the capital market, but in the social arena, it can become the dark horse what the final? Freya Lim their answer is that pulse the next outbreak node in a year.

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