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The network a new arena profit we are losers

piracy industry, there is also a wild lily spring

entered in 2010, Zhang Qing met a bad thing, the second day of the new year’s holiday, he worked hard to buy the site for the past three years, was suddenly sealed by Chongqing telecom.

a few days later, Zhang Qingcai knew he had caught up with an unprecedented campaign to rectify the internet. Although he has been busy in the relevant formalities, but when it reopened, he did not mind the end. Over the past three years, he and his wife have been living on this site, through the organization of members to buy and advertising commission. This means that he could not earn a penny to the first month of the new year, but also for the wages of 12 employees worry, one with an average of 1800 yuan.

Chongqing Zhang Qing is hard to say, but the same policy has made Guangzhou’s King Island feel very warm in winter. In Southern China’s most famous IT parts distribution center, Guangzhou Shipai Road West, he runs a warehouse of more than and 10 square meters, which have placed hundreds of thousands of DVD and VCD in the disc, before entering the warehouse, these CDs will be made into software, games, drama, documentaries, concert or movie.

every day, the Pearl River Delta and even Jiangxi, Hunan and other places of piracy merchants will call him to ship, a D9 format DVD disk 4 yuan. Usually a month he sold tens of thousands of copies that he introduced himself, with a proud tone said: "my forces throughout Southern China, pirated CDs you at the Guangzhou Pacific Computer City, village or on the bridge to buy, perhaps is I from the warehouse."

in December 6th, which is second days BT website banned news, he remembered the peer on the QQ group, a Dongguan boss said: "this is a big positive, but also many people buy dish up, our spring was coming up". It is not difficult to judge the spring, but in December he did sell 5000 more than usual. "Who is not watching TV, movies and domestic TV now?" the King Island excited, he didn’t think since the video site appears, this day to business as well as the rebound.

actually, it’s not hard to understand. When the base class BT sources rely on the original website have been closed down, dealing with almost all the people first thought is to go back to buy pirated, after all their entertainment habits will continue. BT ban is the seed resources, to download the unskilled users, efforts to find resources, rather than buy cheap and good pirated convenience.

market is the best example. Now, the number of pirated video prices in many cities have raised the price of 1 yuan, while many pirates have confirmed that sales are much more than usual.

Luo Dayou has a song "spring of wild lily", did not expect the network version for the purpose of combating illegal rectification, but let the piracy industry ushered in the new spring, this estimate is an accident of the relevant departments did not think of.

network video staged Dongfeng break


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