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Delete powder powder powder micro blog’s high force grid to develop a note

Abstract: if a change in health than the above method a little profit means? Perhaps it is to show all marketing opening on all micro-blog fans in the flow of information function, the original this is granted, Dutch act type intelligent algorithm until micro-blog micro-blog will be the last of the line strangle freedom of information.

editor’s note: Recently, the national husband Wang Sicong forwarded and comments ("I know in the Sina micro-blog employees are leaving") a micro-blog ("every day you delete hundreds of powder and the price you sell powder, the powder to push their pay cut by powder business is drunk) said the pay increase powder business, micro-blog is facing up powder assistant micro-blog users open beta. Micro-blog began naked to help you up the powder, how do you do?


origin: speaking of

before the Spring Festival

believes that few friends playing micro-blog did not experience the red envelopes during the Spring Festival activities. And this event inspired by the birth, is the follow-up to the introduction of micro-blog powder assistant. So what’s the connection between these two seemingly unrelated activities? We look back at the red envelopes of the spring festival.

you must remember that when you receive a star’s red packets will be "random" to focus on one or two strangers. In fact, it is these strangers to star red people pool money. Similarly, if you are a star of the red pool of money, every red envelope money split into a stranger as long as it is received, then he or she will pay attention to you automatically become your fans.

for the rose powder method, relatively early awareness and practice of micro-blog users "almighty bear", he used his own micro-blog test, will be injected into the red pool all the money to Li Chen, Fan Bingbing, Wang Junkai and so on a similar number of tens of millions of fans of red star in the pool and gradually gained a lot of powder. From about 250 thousand fans to more than 760 thousand fans, and almost no zombie powder or zombie powder can be said to be almost negligible.

After the Spring Festival, such as

, grab the red hot gradually cooled down, and the micro-blog team has begun to summarize the activities and began to develop a new type of profit tools: powder assistant was born.

delete powder, powder, powder?

has continued to have people who say they were deleted true fans left zombie fans, I think it is not practical. These people may not be aware of their own information and not all of the information flow into the fans, but instead of their own advertising one after another active in the fan’s timeline.

for example, not long ago I found micro-blog users of the Internet that something, I started to send her a super offensive and an advertising, and advertising in the comments she also invariably called her advertising dog, but when I entered her home and want to count this.

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