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The main push grassroots artists YY music is how to make money


Huayi female singer He Manting on September 2010 in YY open online song friends when the photo

voice chat with online gamers started YY, formally submitted to the SEC prospectus, open the listing of the road. An unexpected highlight is the exposure of the revenue in the first half of 2012 YY music revenue reached 92 million 720 thousand yuan, accounting for 30% of total revenue, far more than the well-known online advertising (mainly warcry) business.

this article comes from almost know @ Zhou Jinrong answer. He believes that YY is different from the music for white-collar Internet products, earn is actually three or four line city, township netizens workers and self-employed small business owners money.

asked: per capita paid users of YY music is how to achieve?

answer: very simple. With the vast majority of page tour, gaming platform, Internet services: free service payment privileges.

main paid items:

1, to the singer to send virtual gifts (a wide range of species, but also the number of each gift does not seem to have the upper limit?);

2, the privilege of paying service (a car, medals, nobles, guardian and other kinds of names, and some very high fees, such as a car may be tens of thousands of RMB consumption);

3, channel promotion.

that is how to make these one hundred million? YY music has a very good system:

users from the YY to buy services and gifts, and then in the singer and guild channel consumption, after the consumption by the singer, guild managers, YY three parties into, after the points can be used to provide a discount of rmb.


YY revenue in the first half of 2012

maybe you think this pattern is very humble. But that’s how it makes money.

maybe you haven’t even heard of YY. Because YY earned not you these white-collar money, earn three or four line users Township and city workers earn money, the self-employed small business owners money. And by chance, you are not within the reach of its target audience.

Hangzhou has a very low-key company, 9158, is also used in this profit model. 2011, annual income of 600 million yuan. In 2012, 1-2 million registered users, two or three million active users online at the same time, about 700 thousand, the monthly revenue of nearly 70 million yuan, accounting for the total industry revenue 70%[1]

@ Bo came back to know almost the first sentence is: to understand the mentality and behavior of buyers."

but such a big Internet City

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