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WeChat from the media is how to make money

although the father of WeChat Zhang Xiaolong also admitted last week, I do not know what to rely on WeChat to make money, but this does not prevent more and more WeChat users trying to do something through the WeChat public numbers. WeChat now has about 400 million monthly active users (active standard: each month with friends at least once, at least WeChat opens a circle of friends), but the total amount of WeChat public number has exceeded 8 million, but also to the growth rate of 15 thousand a day. In other words, the average of every 50 active users in WeChat, there is a person who is providing content for other small partners.

no profit can not afford to rise early, so high enthusiasm behind, in addition to express themselves, naturally also have no need for the interests of. However, WeChat public really can make money? What is the mode of operation? This afternoon, new media list convened a group of typical media is large, from the media to discuss the problem of how to make money ". Listen to the audience and removed from the lake to slowly turn to dry cargo.

introduced a number of guests on the first step, from the left to the right in the picture are:

FT Chinese network editor (host), pre tension Fen CCTV host Wang Kai, "food boss reference" founder of the Qin Dynasty, emotional experts, Taobao owner ayawawa, "God notes" operator Feng Hao, "elephant Association founder Huang Zhang Jin, former media who believe the sea of light.

"Wang Kai story": Children’s money is best earned

these people, bald Wang Kai may be the most familiar to you. Born with a deep voice he made before the "financial story" column in the CCTV2, leaving the CCTV from last year, Wang Kai began specially for children stories. He is currently the operators of public numbers "Kay has 300 thousand stories -" fans, sales in good condition, it shows Wang Kai in a conversation state is also very good, and often interrupted, again and again.

for WeChat to make money, Wang Kai said: first, do not sell advertising, the public number is increasing, since the media market more and more segments, the user’s attention more and more dispersed, so rely on advertising to make money but also affect the user experience; two, don’t charge, because it is contrary to the original intention and the dissemination of information the charge will give you the contents of communication field erected a fence.

Wang Kai own money tricks like this:

one, he told the story is divided into two kinds of free and paid, the children listened to the free, was hung on the hook, naturally noisy to listen to pay, the money is so come. This year, Wang Kai told the whole "journey to the west" to sell more than 7 thousand sets, up about one million, that is the reason why.

two, do community. There are many love stories of the family, to attract them to operate their own WeChat group. Once the business needs, financing activities or pull people out all is not a problem. In fact, this is a principle of "Luo Ji Thinking".

"food boss reference": a plan to sell fifteen thousand

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