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Lu Xiaodong we are not eligible to complain after 80

      today, around the time of the webmaster nets, accidentally saw an article: the title is "Zhan Peng: the rise of 80 of the mission of history", because the top, because the familiar, so I decided to click to read the full text, I do not regret after 80, for I am very shocked, very deep feelings.   webmaster nets is a lot of webmaster will have one of the web site every day, I also come here every day to contribute, see article learning. Maybe I do not deserve the title, because I do not have a website, there is only one blog. But I have the same ideals and the pursuit of many webmasters, goals: through the Internet, the use of the network marketing knowledge to earn more money, ha ha.   people will laugh, but that man must not tell you: do not have the webmaster so popular a few years ago. Blindly follow the trend and worship is the main reason for the failure of most entrepreneurs in china. What is Pandora who opened the chest is not important, important thing is for us whether the change?   80 80 I and teacher Zhan Peng has a similar childhood experience, fortunately I was born in Jiangyin bridge, I did not miss Zhan Peng life so hard childhood life so miserable, but I think my childhood teacher Zhan Peng not so happy, so he did not cherish. Childhood and parents can live together, so happy. In my memory, I like "orphans", parents are not taught me, learning basic life on her own, but my life is not to worry about food and clothing.   after 80, my childhood life is happy. In addition to playing childhood or playing together, "fishing frog" and the village children, throwing cards (that we call dialect foreign brand, I do not know Mandarin is not so), playing marbles (glass ball, on the ground dug several holes, in the back), the river to catch fish, there are a lot of fun it is worth remembering childhood games. All the time, is barefoot everywhere "Crazy" to play everywhere, hungry, tired and went home.   after 80, my family education is not perfect. Parents graduated from primary school, several characters do not know, after I went to primary school three years of age, parents in learning basic can not teach me what. Difficulties encountered in the work, I can only think of ways to solve or not solve. School will open parents, my parents do not have the time, rarely participate in the impression on, when the primary school only once, or because I hurt students, caused a catastrophe, the home is beaten without demur.   after 80, I live and study is independent. From an early age, parents are ordinary workers, busy living, in order to make money desperately to live. In order to support their families, not bright days to go out, go home when it gets dark. When the kindergarten at the weekend, I a person at home, hungry for a full meal; on the primary school, I walk to the town primary school, walking time is about 1 hours, then, to the town of the road or stone road, rainy day, did not go to school, have shoes wet half, 3 grade until, I just got his first bicycle; when in high school, my life and study base"

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