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Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week 6 8 6 14

my webmaster home take what save you

because the name is because the webmaster website home to see such a similar site, but only this one, and this website is very bad, so feel if I do such a better, certainly better than he did more than. With the kind of impulse I think most of the webmaster have experienced, full of excitement., looking forward to their website the better future. So to find their own program, change the source code, it can do a few days but he particularly strong, a murky sky over a dark earth, think about your website will fire to what extent, which is incredible.

a monthly income of 5000 yuan money plan is how to complete the

to do one thing, the more simple the deal, the easier it is to achieve. The new owners only a typing, want every month there are 1000-5000 yuan of income, but also a very simple matter, the following is my research out of the "five simple steps to make money", let me easily reach the goal:

a grassroots webmaster do stand helpless

three months ago and a friend of the party, after listening to a friend’s flicker, I do not know the root of the wrong ride, decided to do a website. It took more than a month to learn website production, design, programming. As a result, in the end of 4, my site, I love the stock network gp5i.net formally launched! But I did not expect is that this is the beginning of my nightmare.

webmaster do not miss a chance to cooperate again because of a small detail

a perfect website should be from head to toe should try to design the perfect! Not only can make your site has a good user experience, but also can give you the original intention of the cooperation opportunities. Perfect includes many elements in the dumpster flying gathering ADMIN5.COM I am not here to say these, take a simple example to explain this point. Is your website’s link design reasonable? Can others easily find you? Do you have a contact with QQ or EMAIL? I think most of the webmaster answer is NO.

a grassroots webmaster do stand two years experience

from the university to the business, from the station to sell a year of painstaking efforts Xianlin network. Junior began to make a station that year, the pursuit of cheap internet connection registered in the promotion of Org, and only the remaining org for my registration. In 06 years in November registered the domain in 07 years began in May as a station, after 2 months, the first sell advertising, 1000 pack years later, more and more advertising revenue, in December sold the website of money, advertising revenue sword 5K, which has been very satisfied, because the investment is small then, the virtual host and the cost of the domain name, do not add up to 1000.

on the operation mode of the old navigation website

since the introduction of the old Baidu search, the network of Internet access to the elderly more and more

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