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Love and marriage website Sweet industry is a gold suction machine

China’s first marriage website surfaced

"liar hotbed", "one night stand" cradle, "crime nest", and so on charges of Jiayuan pushed the collective action by the court, so far, China first listed dating sites of the protagonist, become the first case of the protagonist Chinese marriage website.

"you are not your advertised matchmaker you are kindness knows no bounds, a liar. You are not your advertised "real serious dating sites," you are lying around the world but! "Beijing Qing Liu told the Herald reporter network, Jiayuan" love "tour let her scarred. In August 10th, Liu Qing v. Jiayuan suspectstried in Beijing, which is known as the first case of Chinese dating website.


as a financial institution Beijing white-collar Liu Qing, personal marriage was in suspense. Hold good wishes to find a true love, in 2009 registered as a member of the Liu Qing network Jiayuan century, and met claiming to be the "national grid" executive Liu Jiaguo. 2010 two people in a go out, unfortunately, a car accident, Liu Qing was caused by multiple fractures. The body suffered more pain, Liu Qing also suffer a huge blow of the mind, because after the accident, Liu Qingcai, the original Liu Jiaguo is simply a love liar".

"in addition to gender, the picture is true, the other are false." Liu Qing said that the personal information provided by Liu Jiaguo, are false, and the investigation and search after the focus, Liu Jiaguo’s ugly face was exposed: years of forged identity, fraud in different dating sites, dozens of people deceived ms..

in the multi country looking for Liu to no avail, Liu Qing will look to Jiayuan online. Jiayuan is unable to guarantee the authenticity of the members to provide star certification, greatly enhance its credibility. This star certification guarantee, with strong confusion, leading to frequent occurrence of fraud. Jiayuan is a liar and a bad accomplice! "Liu Qing pointed out that marriage websites publish false marriage information, resulting in members being cheated, but also lead to social unrest, such as night, crime.

Liu Qing and another Dongguan woman cheated "swallow" initiated the establishment of a "collective action Jiayuan" QQ group, will have the same experience together, launched collective action to jiayuan. It is understood that there are 6 similar to early September Jiayuan collective action "QQ group, the total number has reached more than and 800 people.

Liu Qing representative action coalition said: "if the court is not fair, we will ban Jiayuan complaint to the industrial and commercial requirements."

litigation scandal will Jiayuan pushed in the teeth of the storm. In September 12th, Jiayuan opened down to 7.33%.

The head of the

Jiayuan dating service platform China "most serious" aura, with China first in the United States. "

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