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Taobao flagship store is to ban the food policy or adjust


] July 28th news billion state power network, according to billion state power network to understand, from yesterday, the online nut brand becheery Tmall flagship store is Taobao search and Tmall search shielding, and restrict the promotion, industry insiders have speculated that the reason behind.

as of press time, Taobao search search shop is no longer becheery flagship store, the backstage data cube will no longer display name becheery flagship store. Taobao search in the South flavor, all the goods are from Tmall supermarket and Taobao store, there is no Tmall flagship store information.

insiders speculated that more stringent food category management. There are sellers believe that this is Taobao and Tmall do not want a single category of some brands occupy too much. But now the industry is difficult to confirm the speculation, the official did not release any official official response.

also told billion state power network becheery inquiries related reasons blocked, but becheery said, now the relevant person in charge of the ongoing communication and Taobao, the specific reasons are not clear.

day before the other line of well-known brand nuts three squirrels also appeared in a similar situation, but in Taobao and Tmall on the show soon return to normal. An industry source said, all the signs indicate that Tmall and Taobao food category management strategy may all change.

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