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Taobao store survival status of concern on the list of the ten new high risk occupations


recently, selected by online voting "Chinese ten new occupation risk ranking, Taobao to the tenth fastest time on the black list. "Sleepless nights" to stay up to work is the most Taobao network this year and homely food, 4 "Taobao sudden death event" for the industry sounded the alarm.

work over ten hours a day, at the same time to deal with dozens of buyers to ask questions, stop in front of the computer keyboard; can make one more minute not to go to the toilet, can not drink water not up; not all hours of the day and night, is the night, most people have stomach and dry eye…… The spread of these online store survival status is widespread, the reporter visited a number of different stages of the Taobao seller in an attempt to understand the survival of the majority of the seller and the entrepreneurial experience through Taobao.

Taobao sellers tired, tired heart." This is a summary of the survival of several shopkeepers;

Taobao seller is omnipotent." This is the owner of the most proud of the declaration.

"can dreams come true?" every seller is working hard.


stand by knowing, only for the dream of fighting

– owner: Shi, Xie, operating the "Bodhi champs"

– Experience: Four get credit, the career 7 months

, a small full-time opened a monopoly shop "Bodhi homes incense sandalwood". They spent more than half a year, so that the level of the shop to increase two drill. See the store has a more stable earnings, a month ago, they moved from the underground garage in the new village of Baoshan Gu village. Now, all two people living around the store to eat takeout, buy things on Taobao, is out of standard "Indoorsman". Only a day out to the cell is in the middle of the night 12 points off the line after the dog.

Get up at 9 in the morning, they open the Taobao

, hang wangwang. Still want to wash, "Ding Dong" rang, Shi ran back, and then eating bread while the number of buyers reply. The whole morning, two people for a moment for a while to customer service, "baby" photos, or according to the requirements of buyers inspection, busy busy with over 12 points. At this time there is no buyers, two people took the time to call out. They have around the delivery shop to eat a lot to find a makeshift shop to eat, now two times a day from this book. Recently, two people are going to pay 40 yuan a day in the shop ".

around 5 p.m., the two began to pack their custom shop names printed cartons, for fear of moisture, but also specifically to buy plastic packaging machine. More than and 20 pieces, two people together, more than an hour is almost finished, and then called dinner. More than 7 in the evening, courier to pick up pieces. From 8 to 10 in the evening, Taobao is selling its peak hours, and all of us have to stare at the computer two. At 12 o’clock in the evening, ready to wash off.

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