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ntroduce my way of making money

briefly introduce me.

October 2004 website, before the unit responsible for the company’s internal network and external network management (I will not only do technology, management), I had to do their own theoretical level with the actual test.

had to stand is pure passion, very tired, every day to maintain the content, thinking about promotion.

to 05 years in June, when the site independent IP in the 1.5 – 20 thousand or so, ranking in the top more than 30 thousand of it?.

06 years for many webmaster may be the last golden year, I’m glad to catch the last bus.

SP movie was registered very fire, of course, before because I flow enough, did not pay attention to this field, listen to a lot of people before, and then in front of the Internet and make money, many people in between 2002 and 2005, a year can earn millions or even tens of millions, when there are many methods and ways of making money, not specific. I just want to say, why can earn money. Because: management is not standardized, many things do not know how to manage.
  now we do want to make money in the station quickly has ended, so I give those people just began to site a suggestion, if you do not have a very strong economic backing, clear profit model, traditional resources of good, strong management team, please immediately exit. Don’t do it.

I have reached the height of the station, in the very few.

05 years or so in November, I began to build my website, in, 06 years began to build my website of the third.

second sites in, 2, in March reached a comprehensive ranking of the top 5 thousand, ranked first in the site of about 8 thousand, the site ranked in the top 8 thousand in the year of September to 06 in. When several web traffic together should have 30-50 million million independent IP.

the past smokeless, marvel!

3 web site is basically a person I was playing, the peak, recruited a staff of 3 for me to maintain the management website. Note: I do these sites are part-time, I now work in a large IT companies to do marketing and management, jobs with 04 years of change a lot (


I am more real, and now SP no, no money earned, the site is closed, because I have reached the goal of.

1, I had to do the objective has been achieved, my theoretical level to be tested in practice, I have something personal ability >

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