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Copycat Ji’nan lashou delivery charges were arrested cheat four hundred users

group purchase fee is not shipped, even cheat more than and 400 users

"Ji’nan handle network boss arrested

Ji’nan lashou (micro-blog) "completely collapsed! This web site on the Internet to sell Sinopec preferential price of fuel prepaid card, McDonald’s (micro-blog) (micro-blog) KFC vouchers, vouchers, vouchers, Pizza Hut Darunfa supermarket shopping card, mobile phone recharge and other goods. Due to the loss of business, received more than 400 users after the remittance, the site for moving from the crooked mind, money for themselves after delivery. Currently, the man was arrested on suspicion of contract fraud, involving the value of more than 20 yuan.


see buy site to make money fast

registered "Ji’nan handle the net profit of

Li Hua (a pseudonym), 37 years old, Jinan city. See the increasingly popular online shopping, Li Hua will start the idea of creating a registered website. See the handle network is a more well-known group buying site, in order to be able to attract more users to buy on the website, Lee Hua will be registered through the normal legal way to the first Ji’nan handle network".

2011 in March, Li Hua set up a network company, employs more than and 10 employees. However, due to the large number of domestic buy site, the market competition is very fierce, Li Hua’s Ji’nan handle network operating situation worse.


earn cheap to sell cheap


site after the loss of money is not shipping

in order to improve the current situation of poor management, but also in order to earn hits, improve the visibility of the site, Li Hua began pondering.

Ji’nan handle network to carry out a period of ten ‘oil’ thanks to buy Sinopec refueling recharge card activity, buy price hit ten percent off……" Since 2011 July, Li Hua’s "Ji’nan handle network home began to play such a group purchase banner, issued by Sinopec gas prepaid cards are purchased from Sinopec at the price of 100 yuan, 90 yuan to sell low price.

is not only the fuel card of Sinopec, McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut vouchers, Darunfa supermarket shopping card group purchase activities also hang out on the site.

however, before the 5 phase of the oil card sales activities to sell fuel card $380 thousand, not only did not profit but lost more than 3 yuan. However, the success of the first five stages of buying and generous offers, the group bought a website to attract a lot of attention to users, click rate is very fast, the degree of concern has been improved accordingly. On this basis, the suspect Li Hua also launched the 5 phase of the oil card group purchase activities and other activities in the network group purchase, but did not receive group purchase fee after the delivery, but the money will make up deficit, the repayment of personal debts and personal expenses, involving a value of more than 20 yuan.



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