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Taobao new career shopping guide up to 500 thousand yuan monthly income

sina science and technology news August 5th afternoon news, Taobao has revealed that in 2014 by the Taobao derived from a new career – shopping guide up to now the number of employees has reached nearly ten thousand people, the highest monthly income of 500 thousand yuan.

is the same as the "cut the hand" Shopaholic, a group of smart China online shopping family put this into the occupation, the highest monthly income of 500 thousand. They are known as the "shopping guide" on the Taobao platform, in the world’s most abundant commodity market for consumers to find the right products, a small shopping community, is slowly rising on Taobao.

ShoeGaze Kick, a SNEAKER (love shoes and collections), a listing of new shoes at home and abroad, Kick the first time will be able to find purchasing shop in Taobao, but as long as you provide the photos, he can help find shoes name, number, and found from various sources and evaluation trustworthy in the Taobao store.

from Taiwan science and technology Master ADA, is a frequent visitor to interview with the Taiwan TV technology programs, news reports, and many technology products before the listing of the best consultants. According to his assessment, you can easily find the most suitable for your Taobao technology products. Fashionable circle of Liu Wei, 50 more than a month to read fashion magazines at home and abroad, and all the clothing collocation magazine, from Taobao to dig out a piece.

2014, Taobao has given these fashion, IT has a keen sense of smell super shopping madman a new identity – shopping guide Master. They through the Taobao platform for consumers to fully demonstrate its expertise in various industries, with emotion, experience, professional knowledge reorganization commodity to share the soul, and love to share with the family, through the standard guide Master, Taobao also established a credible mechanism for consumers find goods, assessment of the people, like shopping as you the Master can also issue a good bad".

it is reported that Taobao has nearly 10000 people for the first time trying to bring the new identity of the fun. They have more than 14 million fans, and have a good interaction with fans. Up to the people to share the professional will also bring them some income in Taobao, once people reach the recommended product purchased by consumers, it is possible to obtain commodity prices ranging from 20% – 5% from the business promotion expenses. It is understood that in Taobao, the Master shopping every day provided in Taobao can bring more than 6 million 500 thousand turnover, the higher the number of fans of the shopping guide Master monthly income can easily exceed 100 thousand, the highest sales Master daily income may exceed 20 thousand yuan, of which the highest Master clothing "he and I" the highest one month to earn 500 thousand.

want to be a good Taobao shopping guide is not an easy thing. Taobao Master shopping guide platform for Chen Hongliang introduction, a good Master, must be made persistent attention and achievement in a particular industry, Taobao is very familiar with the Tmall platform, and a more accurate judgment on the merits of the product, but also willing to spend.

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