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n 2008 three a decline of the reason Baidu will die

this article I will all say is very simple, because of the need to solve the problem, first of all to simplify complex issues, so as to block the lifeblood of the problem, even if can not solve the problem, at least can make clear to everyone even if the article didn’t write a white.

Chinese medicine, by look and smell, the pathology, pushing its root cause. In today’s Internet search giant "Baidu", found a strange situation. A variety of images have been made clear that Baidu has been incorporated into cream blind, even unharmed. Want to come, in fact, this is a word, a thousand feet of insects, although dead and not stiff. In fact, Baidu is dead, just because Baidu was strong, and now can barely hold a few days. If these days, Baidu does not know how to save themselves, for fear that Baidu really want to lose without crossing.

One of the reasons: the decline of Baidu

positioning error (profit model "PPC")

A serious error on Baidu’s profit model positioning

, and even can be said to be deviant. Search engine is to do what is popular is to provide information retrieval services for the majority of Internet users. Then the specific is: A want to get C through B. Where A represents hundreds of millions of Internet users, C represents the search engine, B represents the information users need. C positioning is very important, C is to A can be more accurate and more rapid access to B survival, this is in fact C can also be generalized to C, as long as the way to provide access to B services for A is C, like HAO123 is that when C. So if C is out of touch with A and B, then C will lose the value of his existence. Baidu proud of the main profit model ‘PPC’ everyone who knows. In fact, Baidu is the most proud of the "PPC" is really the bane of Baidu. Before Baidu ceremonial capital is abundant, and enter the market earlier. Before you can drill for this fatal gap to provide funds for the development of their own circulation and listing of blood. This is the poison temporary prosperity return is the future. Since the acquisition of the Chinese YAHOO, YAHOO began to search the strength and focus on promotion, according to the survey part of the Internet users have started the Ma Yun 360 degree search, the response is very good. Secondly, the Tencent launched SOSO GOOGLE, relying on strong technical support and the terrorist group of users, has now entered the world’s top 50 and the new LIVE launch, Baidu search service will receive a fatal blow, and punch.

Baidu PPC will be the first Baidu’s Achilles heel.


decline of two reasons: the technical problems (as good as G, as if the sound does not figure tigers, dogs, new than SOSO


first of all we have to admit that the current domestic search market share is basically in the hands of Baidu. Baidu is not holding time is not very strong?


that would first analyze the current status of Baidu in the market, I would like to use a word to sum up, Baidu into

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