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10 years of collection Moonlight domain name 6 digit sale

renamed China (eName.cn) April 27th hearing, it is understood that the domain name investors Liao with 6 digit sold "Moonlight" domain name yueguangbaohe.com.



: "Moonlight" domain whois information


it is reported that Liao period in 2005 registered four fight domain name yueguangbaohe.com, until today it was sold. The domain name of the latest whois information displayed on the mailbox is the cause of Investment Co., Ltd. (Beijing) Co., Ltd. enterprise mailbox, the holder of the Pinyin is shaoxiaoran". Shing Shing’s CEO Shao Xiaoran is in line with the pinyin. At the same time, Shao Xiaoran’s net loan platform yueguangbaohe MoonBox CEO.



: yueguangbaohe MB platform

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it is understood that the "Moonlight MoonBox" is a net loan platform produced by Sheng Xin Hengyuan investment management Limited by Share Ltd. The platform was formally launched yesterday, the domain name is moon-box.com.cn. The acquisition of Shao Xiaoran "Moonlight" domain name yueguangbaohe.com, is likely to replace the net loan platform or domain name, the domain name is used to protect the otherwise.

"Moonlight" known to every family. According to Liao period, these ten years, there are a lot of buyers want to buy "Moonlight" domain name, but every time the price is in 5 digits, he did not reach the expected value, has not sold. The 6 digit price of the transaction he thought almost, and the domain name of the good and bad and rising value, but also in the hands of who is enabled.

domain name investors daddy Yu Jiandong believe that this domain name is very suitable for financial website. The domain name is in the hands of financial investment companies. Last year, Guangdong Development Bank launched the balance of financial products APP moonlight and protection domain, the product has no independent station. The name Chinese whois query to the "Moonlight", the other two.Cn and.Com.cn respectively, the domain name was registered in December 31, 2014 and March 14, 2015, were not enabled station.

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