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Why start a close call

a few days ago, I wrote a talk in my space: "throughout the ten years of science and technology options to entrepreneurial white, it is a close call, know what it is to learn entrepreneurship. I repeat, not the ability to find business in Hong Kong for most successful entrepreneurial white profitable projects, there is no let everyone make money as entrepreneurs languhing project. Please be mature and mature a little bit! "

was telling the truth, but didn’t expect from some people questioned, sum up the main points of this:

some people say that, if so, the project should be fully engaged in the port of entry.

some people say that if a project does not have a success rate of 2/3, do not appear.

and others say, you are such a flicker of entrepreneurs, we pay 60 yuan into the group, a group of nearly a thousand people a year, your income is 60 thousand, a project to study costs hundreds of three thousand, so many people do not succeed, your conscience to go to



I don’t want to be here to say what, if there were any business knowledge and social knowledge of people, use your head, you will understand.

one thing is clear: to your business in Hong Kong is entrepreneurial learning, our group’s entrepreneurial learning group, we do not have the ability to let them into the group to all the people of entrepreneurial success or 2/3 people, or thirty percent, twenty people and business success, especially entrepreneurial civilians.

one thing is clear: no matter where you go to find a project, such a good wish can not be achieved.

all the way to the previous generation of entrepreneurs are aware of toughened and hardened into steel, for the first time entrepreneurial people, the success rate of less than ten percent! All kinds of entrepreneurial projects, the survival of more than three years, slightly lower than the ten one. If you count the Internet, don’t mention it.

this is why people often say: start a close call.

why do you say that?

the following reference to the rabbit tore chicken master (entrepreneur) point of view, for reference.

I argue in three directions, listing the mistakes that entrepreneurs can make.

a, attitude

many first-time entrepreneurs, read one or two successful studies, biographies, I feel that the road to success can be copied. But no one’s success is not accidental. Some people are good at marketing, the pursuit of product updates, have good service, thanks to the advantages of every hue. Many of the stores, is in a flash point, and strive to improve the characteristics of. At the end of the expansion, to recruit skilled, the full range of development.

startup, from the initial frenzy, they can do diligently? Many people, self pity is the bottleneck, that is lots of good, less investment, no project, no change.

two, theoretical analysis


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