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Village Amoy activate rural needs of the villagers on the cloud to buy the world

Tmall double 11 this year, while there is also a major change in the mainstream of concern – the first time Taobao will join the global shopping carnival. 700 million the extent to which the huge potential of domestic demand for rural residents will be inspired by e-commerce, this year’s double 11 will give an answer, perhaps everyone surprised.

purchasing power of rural consumer groups has been a mystery, but with the electricity supplier from the city into the countryside, huge demand to surface.

this year "6.18 years to promote the rural Taobao appliance category in 24 hours on sales of more than 12 thousand Taiwan people power, according to the number of the village point calculation, the average single point village more than 10 taiwan. In Henan Mengzhou County, the village of Taobao service station packed with staying up late and other big promotion of the villagers, only from 0 to 2 o’clock in the morning on a single breakthrough of 1 million.

let Taobao second surprise rural Alibaba, and outsiders imagine different, rural consumers have very enthusiastic about buying the new high-end products, such as the latest 3D surface TV, buy a person in the city is not too much, but only in Zhejiang Ling’an, the villagers will buy 4 units, two Taiwan 65 the two inch, 55 inch.

years ago, due to weak infrastructure, the lack of convenient logistics services and supporting supply chain, the rural market has been ignored by the mainstream business world. The rural consumption, people can think of is fair and a small grocery store, as well as a variety of strange goods unknown, such as "Guangdong and Guangdong" biscuits, "finch fruit", "waffle piroxil Shu" milk, "bleach soft" shampoo, "Tai Jie" washing powder…… If the villagers want to buy home appliances such as a large commodity, often also experienced some twists and turns, travel over land and water is often the case.

villagers do not have no consumer demand, but the reality is suppressed, until the electricity supplier. Part of the network has the ability to try to use the Internet villagers across the space segment, looking for the same consumer opportunities.

Ali Research Institute and the Ministry of rural Ali Taobao jointly issued the 2015 rural network consumption research report shows that the scale of the rural online shopping market grew faster than the trend. In accordance with the effective GMV calculation, Taobao (including Tmall) sent to rural areas, the proportion of the total amount of orders for the entire network, from 8.65% in the first quarter of 2013, up to the first quarter of 2015, up to 9.64%.

According to the

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) statistics, as of December 2014, the overall size of Chinese users reached 649 million, of which rural Internet users reached 178 million, the scale of Internet users online shopping users to 77 million 140 thousand, the annual growth rate of up to 40.6%.

clear trend, Alibaba made clear that rural strategy is one of the key development direction in the future. October 2014, the implementation of the Alibaba, thousands of county village strategy, plans to invest 10 billion yuan in 3 to 5 years, the establishment of the 1000 county-level service centers and the village level service

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