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A thinking of the nternet or the nternet thinking is often poor a lot of

from a point of view, April 20th is the twenty anniversary of the birth of the Internet in China, because on this day in 1994, the first open to the public Internet lines running. With the Internet China five anniversary, the ten anniversary of the different, the media is full of praise, "the spirit of the Internet" or "Internet thinking" has become a popular concept, rather than early to talk about the Internet common "bubble", "speculation" and "vulgar" or "value-added services". That several young people opened a street selling hamburger in Zhongguancun Wudaokou business, because the Business Flourishes model, but also by the media as "the spirit of the Internet" and "Internet thinking", the reason is that some young people who have just graduated from University majoring in computer science, and many customers to be stationed in this area are employees of the Internet Co preferential buy hamburger.

why is there such a hit? It is the Internet really fire, there has been a number of successful Internet companies, there has been a full power innovation, the emergence of a number of traditional industries and traditional social system to survive the crisis. Then there is the IT industry, media industry, retail industry, financial industry participants have come out and try to figure out the reflection on the Internet behind the popular "spirit" and "thinking", hoping to transform traditional industries, resist network industry on offense. However, due to the lack of experience in the Internet industry, due to the shackles of vested interests and traditional baggage, they talk about the spirit and thinking is not in place. Everyone can observe, analyze and think about the Internet from their respective industries, but it is completely different from the perspective of the Internet industry. Thinking of the Internet and the Internet thinking, often a poor, a lot of.

biggest difference is the basic cognitive differences on the internet. The essence of the Internet thinking is the foundation of the Internet as a industrial society to information society, the information flow as the commodity flow, cash flow after the most important motive force of social development, the information production, exchange and dissemination as a new mode of production and lifestyle of the starting point, and the commodity and currency is only the carrier of information. On the basis of this recognition, to reform the network industry greatly small innovation are destroyed and replaced, the nature and function of fusion mechanism of all traditional industries and traditional society, this is what the network industry mainstream as a reason of course. In the twenty years of development China Internet, network industry of traditional telecom industry, IT industry, media industry, entertainment industry, obviously impact the retail industry, and the financial industry, manufacturing industry and public service industry impact has just begun. As in some other countries have begun to impact on education, medicine, defense, security and other fields is bound to occur in the future of china. In short, the network for the body, innovation is the most simple way to use the Internet thinking.

is the opposite of all kinds of thinking of the Internet’s speech and behavior, can be said in a word that the traditional body, the network for. No matter from what point of view, the traditional industries and traditional social operating system participants and maintainers are reluctant to admit the breadth and depth of the Internet change

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