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The city of fast freight to change the traditional logistics express dog

popularity of the Internet, making the use of O2O rapid expansion of the scene, the logistics industry with the rapid development of synchronization. The quality of service and the standard of charges have become an important index to evaluate the quality of a logistics enterprise. With the continuous increase of logistics demand, the traditional centralized distribution of goods logistics has been unable to meet the needs of the current city freight, a huge market is taking shape. Fast speed dog through the online vehicle resource integration market, self delivery team to provide capacity for city regional freight distribution.

fast speed dog change the traditional logistics and distribution methods, to solve the enterprise distribution tailored logistics solutions and provide distribution capacity, with strong source and perfect management system, and have launched a perfect function, easy operation app, allows users to select different types of trucks, vans, very humane, and its cover city range, service attitude and the charges are very close to the people, constantly improve visibility. The dog quickly let the city express freight direct delivery, as whenever and wherever possible as a taxi came through.


At the same time for the convenience of public

users, WeChat launched the service dog fast speed: fast speed dog (kuaigousy), by focusing on the WeChat public number, does not need to download the app, as long as you play WeChat, can be convenient for the relevant city freight service appointment, at the same time fee is relatively low, very worthy of attention. The true realization of the lower price, to win excellent service to facilitate our lives.

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