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Who is creating revenue for your personal website

most of the individual sites are to rely on advertising to make money, of course, some sites are to provide a certain service or sales of products to profit. If your personal site has a very large flow and good rankings, advertisers will take the initiative to find the door, there is no need to look down on this article.

here I just want to talk about the main source of advertising revenue. Most of the personal website is to join the advertising alliance to make money. But it’s not that you put ads on the site and you can make money. Who is clicking on your site’s CPC ad, who is through your site to complete the registration of CPA ads, according to the survey, click on the ad is the most common Internet users. Rookie Internet users do not know much about the Internet, many can not identify advertising content,

or advertising is very eye-catching, out of curiosity and click on the ad. I have a friend, the use of the Internet search engines such as Baidu, Gu brother, often click on the right side of the column of the advertisement, because he does not know who is advertising, thought is to find their own information, inadvertently to search engine to increase income.

those senior Internet users click on the ad is very small, because he knows exactly where the page is advertising, where is the content. Even if the ad is very attractive, if you know it’s an ad, will you click or register it?

the majority of personal webmaster should be clear who is in the creation of your website, personal website advertising to earn money mainly from novice Internet users. So you have to take into account in the promotion of this point, and strive to make the site visitors can bring benefits to your site, so that more rookie visit to your site, I believe you will increase the advertising revenue of the site.

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