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The fifth annual meeting of the Jiangsu nternet was successfully held in Nanjing

June 30th, CO sponsored by the Jiangsu internet club, Nanjing Electronic Commerce Association, "the fifth Jiangsu Internet Conference held in Nanjing, the meeting by the Jiangsu Telecom online business title, origami, network technology, network, cool battle network, easy to send Ning wine online, smart information jointly organized. Ssangyong electronic business park, fun Internet, business online, speed o’fei network, fun interactive, love stand nets Co.


Conference for the counter attack to the future "theme from scratch, carried out five keynote speeches and an interactive discussion, on the mobile Internet, e-commerce, O2O, new media, team building and other fields to do in-depth discussions and exchanges, the 10 guests do wonderful speech, absorbing media cited more than thirty line depth the report, nearly a thousand people attended the participants.

Mr. He Junting, executive director of the association of

e-commerce in Nanjing to the opening ceremony of the general assembly, he mentioned that Jiangsu is a major province of China’s Internet development. According to the Jiangsu traffic management department statistics, in 2012, Jiangsu Province, the number of Internet users and the number of mobile phone users for 39 million 520 thousand people, an increase of 7.2% compared to 2011; the Internet penetration rate of 50%, an increase of 3.2 percentage points compared to 2011; increasing the size of mobile phone users, up to 29 million 679 thousand and 500 people, an increase of 13.1% compared to 2011, accounting for 75.1% of the total Internet users. Micro-blog, WeChat and other social networking tools rapid growth in the province’s Internet users in micro-blog penetration rate of 62.3%. WeChat in the province’s Internet users penetration rate of 27.3%. More and more people choose online shopping, Internet users online shopping utilization rate reached 53.2%, an increase of more than 2011, higher than the national average of 10.3 percentage points. Nanjing as the first national e-commerce model city, e-commerce has been highly valued. Nanjing e-commerce industry development in the future will be more beautiful!

The first

conference speakers for the well-known online travel platform of tuniu.com CEO in duright, the total share of tuniu founded from 2006 to today’s 1000 employees scale development process, analyzes the difference between goods and service business electricity supplier, also shared the core issue of concern for a conversion rate. In the total wonderful speech won the applause of the scene, after the meeting and participants in a wide range of interactive communication.

is the first second speakers, WeChat electric cattle friends technology CEO Mr. Dou Mingliang, sinus sinus, lake person, is a middleman, company MM up, even settlement or end of day, WeChat circle of friends is also a lot of beautiful sinus, sinus or a micro up, from micro-blog to WeChat WeChat, although not started, but the first WeChat Nuggets title must go to him. Dou Dou extremely humorous way of speech through the scene of the meeting a lot of laughter and applause can be learned, Dou Dou shared a lot of work on WeChat marketing, as well as WeChat’s future judgment.

is the third speaker of the European network CEO Mr. Shi Zhengchuan, chairman of the speech is the main theme of the SME "only"

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