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July 1st Com Net domain prices rose 7% 10%

            February 25th news: according to the world’s largest domain registrar Godaddy customer mail display, before rumors of.COM domain name and.NET domain name prices confirmed, VeriSign will rise in July 1, 2010, the.COM.NET domain name registration price.

Godaddy mail on the domain price adjustment content:

On July 1,, VeriSign® the registry.COM and for, will increase prices – will go up, and.NET by 10%.


in December 2009, there have been media reports, VeriSign intends to.COM, the.NET domain name registrar said domestic price, not follow in the terminal price, only to improve the agent registration price, this price adjustment,.Com domain name registration price will be increased from $6.86 to $7.34,.Net will increase from 4.23 dollars to 4.65 dollars.


ICANN in 1999 to establish the price system, VeriSign has announced three price hike. In October 2007,.Com domain name of the wholesale price from the original $6 to $6.42, or 7%;.Net domain name wholesale price from $3.50 to $3.85, or 10%, coincidentally, this increase with the price adjustment, price adjustment was also raised the prices of the domain name.BIZ 7%.

earlier part of the domestic registration of the.COM domain name has launched the first year of registration of 25 yuan, but the low cost of the domain name can not be generally registered.

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