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U S flash shopping site Fab early growth 5 4 pieces of goods per minute

Fab: the main push creative products shopping site



technology news Beijing time on January 7th morning news, U.S. performance data flash sales site Fab released the latest show, the average website to sell 5.4 items per minute during the holidays, Christmas and the new year to reach 17.5 pieces per minute.

at present, the main push creative products Limited electricity supplier website has more than 10 million members. In addition, since its establishment in July 2011, Fab has sold 4 million 300 thousand products. In other words, the average number of goods sold per minute Fab is 5.4.

The performance of

Fab data released also showed that during the Christmas and new year’s day double festival holiday, average Fab per minute items sold reached 17.5. Although it can not be compared with the same period in the Amazon sold 300 items per minute, but this is not a long time for the establishment of the electricity supplier, this figure has been impressive.

in the last year to get $105 million in financing, Fab began to expand new markets, by increasing the number of products to reduce the user’s access threshold, a substantial increase in sales.

in the fourth quarter of 2012, Fab achieved excellent sales results, single quarter sales reached the same period last year of 5 times. Fab last February began to expand overseas markets, but also achieved good results, there are 1/3 of goods sold outside the United states.

By the end of 2011, there were only 2000 species of Fab, and by the end of last year, the number had increased to

. According to the data in the presentation document, Fab is currently more than the number of goods than IKEA 1/3. In fact, more than half of the goods sold through the Fab now belongs to household products, which is IKEA’s old bank.

Fab, the next step is to emulate IKEA and Amazon creative products section, Fab hope to reach IKEA’s sales, and Amazon’s customer service quality and the level of innovation.


Fab did not disclose the specific method to achieve this goal, but also generally introduces the company will take this year’s multi pronged strategy, including the overseas market will expand to more countries, increase mobile business investment, and launched a more exclusive merchandise.

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