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Music Festival in the capital business why venture circle recently fell in love with the music festi

jointly organized by IDG Chinese Media Foundation Valley folk music festival, also played the scene to eat powder gimmick, following Zhang Tianyi’s circle of friends’ buddy is a variety of resources for docking, bustling.

20-21 August, sponsored by IDG China media fund the first folk music festival held in the valley of the manor;

On September 3, 2016 -4

, a cross – MTA Music Festival Carnival Tianmo ("MTA" for Music Technology, and Art) will be held at the scene not only Tianmo, new music, and the latest "black" technology experience, multimedia art performances, art exhibitions and other devices with VR/AR, experience, robotics and intelligent hardware refresh fans sensory experience. In addition, the future trend of the industry leaders here cross talk, and wine marathon people while running side drink;

at the University of Science and Technology Beijing in September 17, 2016, Olympic stadium will be staged a cross-border venture capital circles and music circle collision – Yajie International Business Festival, innovation works, fortune venture capital, capital, capital of Qingshan assembly are involved.

was confusing, this is the venture capital circles? Within one month of venture capital at least three times cross-border Music Festival, where there is such a coincidence? In my opinion, or routine: money, money, marketing behind the "live music" outbreak, and "consumption" of the four words.

a, money, lack of money, marketing, are not as big as the outbreak of live music

The biggest thing that has happened to

‘s latest music circle is the merger of QQ music and CMC. This also indicates that the online music platform into a long-term burn buy expensive copyright, high-quality content becomes a scarce resource, and the next line of music realized imminent, is undoubtedly the breakthrough. But in PWC consumers and advertising spending in 54 countries was analyzed and predicted "global entertainment and media industry annual report" also pointed out that in including Internet advertising (especially online video), an important field of film entertainment and video games, Chinese achieveexplosive growth. However, despite the rapid development of music streaming media, but did not bring more revenue to the entire industry. So in the long run, live music is the focus of future development of the industry.

when it comes to live music, the first is the music festival. As early as 2014, Song Ke had penned to Hengda Music Festival had an account balance: "the audience to spend 60 dollars in music play a full 8 hours, but we have a music festival from 2 million 500 thousand to 3 million at the box office is just a fraction of the cost, recycling, other mainly rely on several major regional sponsors and sponsors, down 30 our sponsorship fee billion, while the organizers can earn huimin." It can be seen that the music festival has just started, the main source of income from advertising sponsorship, and the music festival advertisers are also changing.

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