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Orange juice domain name transactions 300 thousand hands to play m jealous

May 26th news, according to foreign media reports, the recent overseas platform to sell a good domain name again, orange juice / orange juice domain name OrangeJuice.com to $44800 transaction price, about 300 thousand yuan.

orange juice 300 thousand domain name trading, a surprise, a small cup of orange juice is to create value, the original value of the hundreds of thousands of times, a high price to stimulate and promote the domain name transactions, other suffixes, query understanding, other OrangeJuice suffix domain name has been registered, the CN suffix the domain name is Chinese people hold, CN suffix domain name value rising a lot of orange juice.


has access to the domain name, the page will jump to the sales platform, after the OrangeJuice.com domain name on the platform has received a $10000 bid, the domain name was registered in 1996, has been 15 years of domain name registration time, the more time value, OrangeJuice.com monthly average has one hundred thousand search traffic, traffic domain income is higher, the potential of domain name the value of.

OrangeJuice.com 300 thousand domain name transactions, become the hot topic, many fans follow some domain name suffixes registered, in this regard, I do not think that is a rational investment,.Com domain name value is high, with the market, other suffixes value may be affected by fluctuations, but the overall value has not substantially rise, the market. The application and how? So, domain name can not blindly follow the trend of investment.

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