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f the domain name renewals appreciation to 60

In 2008

will pass, when many people indulge in the joy of cN1 yuan was registered, perhaps when the registration is ready, if the domain name renewals will be 60 yuan, then let him off. But some people registered about 100 fine meters, some thousand meters boutique, I believe these are in the terminal, they may renew.

2008, CNNIC announced that the domain name registration of tens of millions, there may be a few years will be more than com, simply put. The Cn is 1 yuan by 2007, but in 2007 cnnlc saw not market, want to use free to pull us these AdSense and corn worm heart, but cnnlc did so much, still can’t keep our heart.

said the CN domain name, have to say the industry leader named China, remember to auction 2 pure digital and 3 pure digital meters can participate in, but not now. Why? Because the 3 good in the hands of their terminal, and these are always in the auction of the 4, in the end who earned the money cn. Is the so-called help you registered money.

if you buy a domain name is like buying stocks, I hope he can appreciate one day, buy blue chips. But now, corn worm heart is now in a dilemma, finally from others spent a few hundred to buy a domain name, when you want to sell to depreciate the remaining half, my name is Shun Zi, the 4 domain auction took 210, renamed in China auction was only 105, the remaining 100 buckle procedures. More and more cheap, today saw a no 4 No 7 double 8 CN bought 185 pieces, I believe many people have lost this hot potato.

if the appreciation of renewals to 60, that is equivalent to the stamp tax of stock market rose 60 times, we feel that the stock market bear? If the domain name rise to 60 dollars, is the time to the disaster area, I believe the southpaws, hands down as soon as the hands of the CN, leaving some of the best time. A lot of good CN cheaper to buy you, it’s not too late. Since we do not participate in the beginning of the corn worm, why the fierce competition in the middle, why not wait for the results of 2008 after the re participation.

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