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Ali Revolution the impact of the realization of the window period



Ma announced the resignation of Ali CEO:5 10 announced the new CEO

I think Ma quit CEO positions and Ali changes, is the two aspects of one thing. These two things, have the power to release the signal, not only for the cumulative impact of Ali 10 years to provide realizable stage, but also to achieve the capital, the will of employees.

over the past 10 years, with the help of B2B business, Ali soon built up a large platform, from B2B, C2C, and more integration mode, including payment platform tools and large supply chain financing ability, is a driving force of growth contact ali.

Ali has a tendency to leave. As a large trading platform, Ali has 42 dials thousand catties capacity in the industry, its move, industry influence with leverage effect of tens of thousands of times, big business has enough to affect a region’s economic structure, the development of people’s livelihood, commercial civilization; on the other hand, as the main operator Ali B2B, its the dish is very small, local Internet companies than earnings were not good, delisting is also far less than the market value before the Tencent, Baidu.

Ali who also has a lot of peer confusion: one is the great influence brought about by the rapid development of the Tencent are not effectively realized, with annual revenues of nearly $5 billion, more than about 2000000000 of Baidu, Ali group was 10 and two is rapidly changing hundreds of millions; the Internet will accelerate human aging, thus creating a thick the ceiling, affect the management and culture, as well as micro personal value.

Jack Ma said. 48 years of age, in the traditional industries, especially the manufacturing sector is still the backbone. But in the Internet industry, only the net for more than 15 years he has claimed, "the old man", no longer young. While many young people even wunderkind is expected early infinite, this is the problem of management.

breaking the ceiling becomes necessary. Prior to the grand Chen Tianqiao had set up 18 fund projects, and the implementation of large-scale mergers and acquisitions, want to achieve epitaxial growth through capital means, while creating a platform for the growth of internal talent. But the lack of a grand platform foundation, can not form intensive and sharing, when the external environment changes, the strategy has become a lot of business finally fall apart, chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival, a large number of talents loss.

Ma quit CEO apparently want to lift the confusion. He said that over the past 14 years, our unique culture has created a large number of unique charm of Ali, a 48 year old young man’s dream than he thinks he is more beautiful, more brilliant, more ability to create their own future, he has to see what you want to do, can do and must be put down. He said it was an easy decision.

, however, compared to the grand, Ali’s change seems more calm. Because of its strong point is to have a huge unified platform, countless people hanging dream. Ali itself has been realized. Ping Ping

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