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On the promotion of soft Wen is more popular with the user skills

for the use of soft Wen promotion believe that the webmaster will not feel strange, on the promotion of the current point of view, the text can be squeezed to promote the effect of the top three ranking. However, the effect of soft Wen promotion is good, but also to allow users to feel the value of the article. Although the text in various forms, but in website promotion, many soft Wen effects very poor people. The reason is attributed to the quality of soft, can not get the user’s recognition. Like the soft marketing industry, a classic language, not by the length of the text, but the user’s approval. So how to write articles to let users like it? Today, I use my own experience to share how to share the text to be more popular with users.

a clear operating procedures

webmaster in promoting the use of soft paper not only put the soft as promotion tools. The core content is actually the soft sell their own advertising while reading the user, and will not let the user objectionable. Moreover, the soft itself has a characteristic that can put ads into their articles in. Then in the soft writing first need to know what the users love, according to observe the amount of reading with the general steps of the article are very large, because the first time these will give users a very good attractive, such as the old webmaster to teach you how to do the chain optimization, detailed steps, website optimization improve the reading quantity ranking steps like soft are very large. So we welcome in writing soft Wen also should regard the development as far as possible, after all, who can’t write about bragging at the article, but this article is meaningful to the user? So, let the soft is more popular with users, the trick is to make a detail, the the operation steps of as much as possible, after all, each user’s understanding is not the same ah.

two, interspersed with actual data

users love to see some empty theoretical paper? There is a feel for only the theory that article? So, in writing, the webmaster to consider is the best in the article with the actual data. I especially love to see if the IDC article, because he wrote it with actual data shows, this can make the authenticity also readable for users and publishing platform are very meaningful. On the current A5 for some of the theoretical articles will not easily pass the audit, after all, too far away from the theory of the site itself, the core idea of the user can not provide valuable content. So, let’s write in valuable soft, suitable with some actual data can make the quality of a grade again, and has the actual data than the theoretical article more popular with users, if you don’t believe me, you can try, you know who is not blowing out of the pen.

three, an example to explain

for the webmaster how to let soft Wen is more popular with users, pen

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