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nternet sales platform Crowdsourcing Andy merchants received tens of millions of A round of investm

domestic enterprise mobile Internet sales platform Crowdsourcing Andy merchants revealed to hunt cloud network, the company recently has received A round of investment Fosun brothers capital of tens of millions of dollars of Fosun group.

Andy investment belongs to Hangzhou at night and enjoy the data Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January 2015, jointly established by Zheng Linghe Zhu Jiacheng, Dong Xiaoquan, in June 2015 officially unveiled, the platform provides the main service functions include: rapid investment, sales and maintenance, market investigation, market supervision, product testing, brand publicity. By Andy investment platform, enterprises can adopt a Crowdsourcing mode, set free by the enterprise promotion expenses of forwarding, forwarding a key with the mobile Internet social networking platform, the optimized product information sharing. Registered in Andy merchants clerk, part-time can apply for the task, and implementation of pay for performance model. Half a year ago Andy investment to get ten million Angel round of investment.



investment in the business model has the following characteristics:

introduces BCB group of united enterprises through large data packet mode, Andy investment background of the algorithm, the task Crowdsourcing pushed to the sales staff, sales staff will introduce the product to their familiar and suitable customers, quickly produce a match match, and thus get a commission.

launched by the effect of payment mode, investment is not successful, there is no cost.

introduced the third party banking regulatory services and the integrity of the system, to protect the safety of both money and goods.

Andy investment official disclosure, the platform has settled all kinds of professional sales staff and distributors in about 2000000 weeks, more than 500 thousand active, on-line product manufacturers 1. Andy investment development sales matrix, the various sectors including 1000 world currency sales community, 500 core regions hit off the studio, more than and 100 dealers alliance, each industry sales consultant community etc..

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