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50% service charge like rob Feedsky

today, I was in the Feedsky official blog announcement to see a topic on the end of the marketing test period, the announcement, announced in the announcement: Feedsky end of the blog topic marketing test period. From 2007 to start in March, blog topic marketing this product test run, up to now more than six months. Feedsky topic marketing platform, completed a total of 28 topics of advertising, including the public service ads in 2. The official claimed that due to the quality of the Feed is very high, through these blogger original articles on the topic of the spread of the topic to achieve a very good effect." After the end of the test period, Feedsky will have three changes, one of which is originally scheduled to be deducted from the topic of marketing services, the official charge of 50%"! When I saw the 50% service fee, really scared, never heard of it received high intermediary fees, a little "rob" tendency!

I actively participated in the Feedsky marketing test, at the end of the test before the success of writing two advertising topic: 6.cn: six room video ultimate battle and Chinese operator _ phone real name, optimistic but not good, according to the advertising topic is priced at 30 yuan, because the testing period does not charge a service fee, has successfully earn 60 yuan. But nearly more than and 50 days without a new Feedsky ad invitation, at least one topic per week will be difficult to achieve. My last ad pricing from the original 30 yuan, down to $15. It’s incredible! It seems that my blog has depreciated! I now Alexa global rankings, Google PageRank value, the number of search engines, the number of Feed, the number of subscriptions should be more than 15 yuan is! Fortunately, after the end of the topic marketing test, Feedsky will be re pricing of all users, this change is very supportive. As for the second change is no longer using the invitation system, the user is also a good activation of self change!

"Feedsky will be deducted from the topic of marketing services 50%", which is my most personal doubts. Do not know how to set the price of Feedsky into, to a 55, as in the robbery". General agency received intermediary service fees in line with the 28 theory, that is, the total cost charged by 20%. Witkey basically also maintained into in this service charge. 55, write ads blogger hard, it should be written into the most reasonable canada. Feedsky is just as a bridge between advertisers and web site owners, such a high degree of sharing, will inevitably undermine the interests of some bloggers, but also greatly dampened the enthusiasm of bloggers. I really can’t find a good reason for Feedsky to get half of it.

like "rob" behavior, do not know whether Feedsky itself to realize reasonable or not? However, as a participant in the advertising campaign, no matter how much commission, I do not want to lose exercise

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