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A number of domestic SNS in e commerce or break a path

July 6th news, the domestic SNS site into a collective downturn, a large number of small and medium sites are on the edge of collapse or collapse. Last week, founded three years of social networking site 360 times (360quan.com) to close the end, declared the field of domestic SNS bubble collective disillusionment.

360 laps is just a microcosm of the industry as a whole. UUzone had closed down in 2007. At present, with the net, zhanzuo, eFriendsNet, 100 million net and other small and medium-sized SNS site, is also the capital chain management under the background of hard life. Network CEO cornfield ants even into giant arms, joined Baidu new social network division.

in fact, the big web site is not good. Once the big three SNS become fashionable for a time happy net, 51.com, renren.com has seen a weakness. The industry believes that, SNS rely on social games to attract users in the way it is difficult to continue, with the rise of new business, such as micro-blog, the risk of the traditional SNS bubble is expanding, they must change or break through.

SNS website collective weakness

with the homogenization of the increasingly serious, the beginning of the user’s sense of freshness gradually lost, once the hot domestic SNS site began to slow down.

according to iResearch released in April this year, the data show that the scale of this year registered users of the domestic SNS sites is still on the rise, but the distance from the peak in 2009 has been a great distance, the monthly browsing time of happy net and renren.com are the trend of decline.


happy net, Renren and Thousand Oaks happy net monthly browsing time

in traffic, in May of this year, happy network (kaixin001.com) officially announced its registered users exceeded 80 million. From December to August 2009 but before the happy net monthly increase of 7 million 500 thousand; and from May to early December last year, the average monthly increase of only about 1600000, the monthly growth rate dropped by more than 70%.

in accordance with Alexa statistics show that the flow of people from the end of 2 this year showed a downward trend.


Renren traffic from the end of 2 this year showed a downward trend

small site is difficult. Network (yiqi.com) official said, every day more than 10000 of real members to join, but Tencent technology in the Alexa ranking query, it shows that the relevant data is not sufficient, not statistics". Click on the link below the network "contact us", it shows that you contact the QQ version is too low, can not contact". There are sources, together with the network SNS operation already exists.

in zhanzuo’s official website "memorabilia" in 2008 June, presented on the page or a message, in addition, >

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