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Le Amoy was forced to break the self brand of next year is expected to achieve profitability


has repeatedly said it would not get involved in its own brand of footwear B2C Lok, has reneged on the line 5 of its own brand, this music Amoy network vice president Chen Hu said, the transformation of brands is mainly because of hard long-term losses, must find a new way out. However, analysts believe that the operation of its own brand can be improved in terms of gross profit margin, however, the promotion of the early stage and grasp of the supply chain for the electricity supplier is not a small test.

was forced to do its own brand


"we never launched its own brand, launched a new brand not only pull starts, you also need to do a series of marketing and supply chain, a step can not be wrong," Chen Hu told reporters at the beginning of this year to express a clear rejection of its own brand. However, the short half dollar Amoy was breath on the line 5 brands, including 3 brand shoes, Cha Cha, Wei Le Maki, Marvell and men’s canvas shoes from the brand.

According to Chen Hu

, currently more than 5 brands of the price in the 100-500 yuan range, taking into account the inventory risk, now the average brand SKU (stock, style) almost 50-60, adopted a new Le Amoy and rapid replenishment mode, from mid June to mid July, Le Amoy brand sales for 5 million yuan.

on the site of the original agent brand, Chen Hu said it would gradually give up, he said, we have a part of the brand off the assembly line, of course, like NIKE brand will continue to retain a class. But will not push the main brand other than their own brands".

multi platform to promote joint marketing


Le Amoy now obsessed around pushing its own brand, but analysts view, at this stage of the creation of its own brand is not easy. Analysys International analyst Chen Shousong believes that the current brand to go the road of two ways, depending on the time accumulation or pile of money "". Obviously, VANCL’s "sales myth" is to drop out by the funds, and now do not have the current day and austria.

in order not to be optimistic about the time to quickly open the market, music Amoy and other own brand practice, the product will be sold in a multi platform. Chen Hu introduces to the reporter said, "we have been in the mall, Tmall, Jingdong, vip.com, Amazon dangdang.com Chinese, Kuba and QQ mall and other platform to sell their own brand, the future will expand to more platforms".

at the same time, it is understood that the music Amoy will participate in the promotion of Taobao platform and other platforms, and in the company to do before the channel staff are replaced with brand operating experience.

brand agent does not work

even made a series of adjustments, for the strategic transformation of Amoy, e-commerce experts, leisurely network CEO Li Daishan are still not optimistic about the. He believes that this is tantamount to giving up the music Amoy knife

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