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Advantageously senior concussion CEO Liu Yannan Wu Yiran took out

[Abstract] Liu Yannan is no longer involved in the daily management of favorable, but still favorable for large shareholders, not two people will open conflict.

CEO Liu Yannan


Tencent technology Wang Pan reported on August 18th

COO Wu Yiran is currently as favorable as the new term for CEO.

CEO "served in more than 8 years, only 3 days is good, the rest of the 8 years almost all is difficult." Wu Yiran placed in the desk "start" in the book, the author Ben Horowitz wrote.

choose entrepreneurship, it will face a difficult problem. In the past few months, because the company CEO Liu Yannan has repeatedly been reported leaving messages, enabling network has been in the public opinion in the teeth of the storm. Although Liu Yannan repeatedly denied, but did not dispel the doubts of the outside world.

All this is not out of thin air

. According to the science and technology Tencent was informed that under favorable two founder Liu Yannan and Wu Yiran on the management of the company to compete in the COO, Wu Yiran had the last laugh, has become a favorable network essence CEO, formally appointed but only a matter of time.

Beijing Zhongguancun Danleng Street Internet Financial Center 17 office, enabling the three core management — CEO COO and CFO Wu Yiran, Liu Yannan Donald was next to the office, a now only in the middle of Wu Yiran, mark the remaining two cards have been cleared.

Wu Yiran also confirmed that Tencent technology will be his own CEO, but also admitted that there are differences with Liu Yannan, but he does not think there is a struggle between the two.

speed and wind control dispute

favorable network is one of the first force to do Internet banking start-up companies. In the favorable early entrepreneurial team, three per capita is co-founder of rich handsome". The appointment is favorable, chairman of the largest individual shareholders, whose father is Simcere chairman Ren Jinsheng; CEO Liu Yannan also deep in the financial industry for many years, worked at Merrill Lynch in London and Hongkong investment banking work; another founder and COO Wu Yiran was born in a merchant family.

early in the first half of 2014, enabling network chairman appointment had faded out of the daily management of web. Close to the appointment of sources, as the rich two generation of his low-key gentle, but lack of bloody and wild, gait lithe, speak too slow. "Once we talked in the car, and when he finished, I was asleep." The source said.

according to Tencent science and technology, as early as before the completion of the favorable network B round of financing, the appointment has faded out of the company management, until the completion of the B round of financing, the appointment of the company in the occasional appearance.

After the appointment of

fade, Liu Yannan has been in favor of the network in charge of the site, products, technology, marketing, product >

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