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Why not build online media marketing department

Objective: I worked in film and television production studio grinding away over a year, although not a master, but for film and television production, technical aspects including videoeffects very understanding, the film industry itself is a high profit industries. A lot of enterprises on the current network video show, in the production process is not difficult, and people learned a year can do, since you can do in this piece of ordinary people, why let the media production company to earn high profits?

do marketing, advertising, pay attention to is how to choose a good media. With the continuous development of the Internet, people tend to be compared to the lower cost of traditional media network media, network media, many of the advantages that we all know that this is not much to say.

although the advantages of a lot of network media, but also began to use more and more people, how to make good use of it, it is not easy. In the process of network marketing planning, the choice of the media is very important, how to choose a suitable media for the promotion of enterprises and cost control is particularly important.

for the selection of network media advertisers on the current, mainly divided into two types: one is the effect of customers, usually some small and medium enterprises, they pay more attention to the sales promotion; while another brand customers, they are generally some brands have a certain brand awareness, to further enhance the brand image of the enterprise, the interpretation of the brand connotation. These brands tend to have sufficient funds to do brand promotion.

for small and medium enterprises, or brand manufacturers, they all hope to be able to obtain the highest possible rate of return on investment when doing publicity. With the rise of video sites, video marketing has been favored by more and more enterprises because of its low cost, fast speed and wide audience.

in video production sectors, enterprises are used to choose a professional media production company, even some simple editing and special effects will charge high fees, the cost of production in the media link but not with the development of Internet and network advertising is reduced, so it is relatively low, as compared to the traditional TV media the price is very low, the network media, for the video, media costs can even achieve free, as long as you have enough creativity.

on the current network of some companies to promote the video, it is in the production process, the technical difficulty is not high, 80% of the video can be completed by the students just graduated from the film and television production.

since it is so, why not set up a media production department?

I from the cost and marketing to explore the possibility of two aspects:


is the so-called gehangrugeshan, film and television production for some businesses, it is utterly ignorant of, a self media production department for them is fanciful, this thinking is wrong, the reason that it is not fanciful. "

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