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Share a heavy station experience

      first of all, I would like to introduce my "equipment"

      1  station program

      I use the station program is dedecms!

      listen to a lot of webmaster said this program is small and practical!

      very small Adsense like to use!

      2  I use server space

      I built a small station does not need the most good server space (virtual host)

      I listen to friends with a dandelion virtual host

      size: 1G

      others: can build 2 stations

      there are other data is not superfluous, because it has nothing to do with the

      3  event initiation

      after nearly 1 months of hard work and perseverance

      I used this space to build the first station has been formed

      I think this is the first station to develop almost (day IP nearly 9000)

      I’d like to start building second stations

      due to funding problems, a word poor, do not want to waste space can be built 2 stations resources

      I chose to build a station on the basis of the construction of second

      4 incident probably through

      after a period of investigation and reflection

      I finally felt the theme of the second stations

      corn, the space bound to do anything

      can be described as: everything has only


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