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Zhou Hongyi save the video site

great Zhou Hongyi, once let the 3721 poor click back Baidu, YISOU will make China’s largest music search, YAHOO assistant will be installed in every corner.

and now up the banner of anti malware software, because of his presence, China’s network cleaning tasks to quickly layout success, 360 security guards installed more than 200 million.

there should be a place where the miracle of Zhou Hongyi, such as the difference between the back of Baidu, there is a place where there is less suffering, the Internet users can safely get through the dangerous period of.

where Zhou Hongyi shine, there will be light, the emergence of the thunder so that Chinese netizens have their own download tools, the emergence of DISCUZ so that Chinese owners no longer own development procedures.

Zhou Hongyi shine shine Quartet, community reputation marketing in his advocacy to carry forward, so that the network marketing staff have a new meal to eat.

today, video website profit dilemma, and martial law. Mr. Zhou Hongyi we did not appear, as a great man, in fact, you stand up again as long as a little little guidance, I think the video site will have vitality, website operators will see hope, users can see the future.

Zhou Hongyi is the God of business is profitable, the God, is the Internet’s know-it-all. From the download to search, to search from the security software, security software to the website program, Zhou Hongyi, not equal to anything. Video site is difficult, we can think of? Only Zhou Hongyi!

Internet giant Zhou Hongyi so long no news, what is he doing?

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