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Way home network 400 days of financing the mystery of running 400 million holiday rental watershed

investment in this, in fact, is not a landmark landmark home, but the entire holiday rental industry milestone, because such a large amount of money, indicating that the entire investment community has recognized the industry." On the evening of 23, the way home network CEO Luo Jun said in an exclusive interview with this reporter: "this is a historic watershed Chinese The Resort Apartments industry, because in fact you do good, if not to the industry trends, the investor’s money is not."

had 17 days ago, Luo Jun became China’s Internet sector was the most sought after star characters, the reason is by the helm of the way home network in just a total of 400 days of financing up to $400 million.

was founded in January 2011 on the way home network to the first round of financing in 2012 May, it announced that it has obtained the joint injection of light capital, CDH, Ctrip and global The Resort Apartments giant HomeAway four international venture capital institutions, but did not disclose the specific amount of financing to the outside world.

second round of financing in the past just a week ago. In February 17th, Luo Jun in individual micro-blog said the way home has been completed B round of financing, investors were Ctrip, GGV, the speed of light, Homeaway, Ding Hui, blind and broadband capital.

, however, he declined to disclose the percentage of shares in the current network management team. "We do not disclose all of the current structure of the company’s shares and financial issues, because the B round of investment has just ended, C round has been staring at a lot of people." Luo Jun said.

but the outside world looks almost to the day for the execution of the sprint sprint index companies, in fact, has also gone through a lot of detours".

according to Luo Jun revealed that the way home network on the quality of some aspects of the original design, the results found that not only will bring to the guests cumbersome, but also increase their costs. "We are just like the beginning rounds, similar to the hotel Check Out rounds, the purpose is to protect the interests of the landlord, but a lot of people outside the practice are also to the rounds, but the results we found that the cost is very high, if really less things we would rather lose exclusive, that I would rather also accompany not willing to rounds."

, but surprisingly, it took only 15 minutes to make the decision. In other words, in fact online from the line the first day of the way home, the way home network service has never performed "rounds".

"I think an entrepreneur as long as you want, for it is your cost is not necessarily real money." Luo Jun said, because the way home network finally made this decision is very simple: "we found that the probability of losing things is very small, because our customers are in the high-end, but if you don’t round the amount of compensation is ten thousand yuan, if you specially equipped with artificial rounds, this is probably 500 thousand yuan."

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