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Daily topic Ali online banking to come s it a challenge to traditional banks

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) September 9th news, according to the China Business Journal (blog, micro-blog) reported that recently, Ali formally submitted to the financial regulatory authorities to apply for the establishment of Ali network banking. Relevant departments have heard Ali financial reports, and began to study the network bank. If approved, Ali network bank is expected to become the first domestic Internet banking.

this, Alibaba refused to confirm the details of the briefing. Alipay many people in an interview said are still unaware of the incident. For the establishment of Ali bank, a city firm head office strategy Department official said in an interview, since 2003 to set up Alipay, Ali constantly involved in the financial sector, the establishment of the bank, or the establishment of a class of imperative banking institutions.

IBM Senior Strategic analyst Wang Qi believes that Alipay in the past only belongs to fund payment and settlement channels, money is the "passerby", once the Alibaba has become the bank, the allocation of funds, means to grasp the "capital chain engine", will revitalize the entire layout of finance; in addition, the successful experience of the balance of treasure also can make investment for the Internet under a good foundation, the network bank customer education cost decreased significantly.

however, he also believes that the return current regulatory environment, according to the provisions of the "Interim Measures" personal loan management "loan investigation should be based on the investigation and indirect investigation as a supplement, take on-site verification, inquiry and telephone information consultation way and method". This is tantamount to killing Ali big data advantage. Removed "Ali bare-handed weapons", even apply for a banking license, it is difficult to and other big banks a summary level; "if Ali opened a network of banks, banks will be included in the regulatory rules, which means that Ali financial services may be more stringent supervision; Internet financial innovation gene but not good play out".

it is reported that last year, the central bank, the CBRC, the NDRC and other eight ministries have to inspect the financial Ali, Ali had put forward the financial Ali Internet banking, but he had rejected the relevant regulatory authorities. Ali Internet banking application will be a test of Internet banking, which, the relevant financial regulatory authorities have started to study, the establishment of the network bank cautious support attitude." Informed sources said. "If the bank does not change, we change the bank." In June this year, Ma has also said: "the future of finance has two opportunities, one is financial Internet, the financial industry to the Internet; the second is the Internet financial, pure layman leadership and innovation in many industries are triggered by outsiders. The financial industry also needs a spoiler, it needs an outsider to come for change."

, however, whether the consent of the establishment of the bank Ali bank, or to set up what kind of bank is the industry’s most concerned about. After all, unlike the traditional banks, the regulation is not the same." This will be >

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