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Data of the United States Baidu GOOGLE statistics secret 1

3 years ago, a statistical analysis of the field experts have told the author, GOOGLE and Baidu, technically do enough analysis you are a man or a woman, that sounds almost impossible.

07 years in the search engine research field appeared a mouse click on the image is not very clear and the Baidu Google (below), map of the unknown, so I was very surprised, significant differences can be seen from figure Google and Baidu user behavior, can also be seen in the two ranking web search engine the flow distribution about the situation. Even, I think if the statistics of the user’s behavior analysis of the trajectory of the mouse, enough to analyze the demographic aspects of access to Baidu and Google user groups, such as: gender, age, etc.. The company has been committed to the research of data mining, that if a certain extent of the user behavior analysis of the mouse, as long as the exact algorithm is able to distinguish different habits characteristics of men and women show when browsing a web page with the obvious. This is the consensus of all people based on data behavior recognition.


Baidu and GOOGLE on the Internet, with absolute advantage, they can even statistics and analysis of the user’s mouse behavior characteristics (pictured above). For ordinary webmaster, obviously, the statistical data of these cutting-edge almost impossible to get from traditional statistics, capture the users in a web page click event may not be a very difficult thing, but if it is to get the user’s click the mouse on the page and hot slide track, it is not a easy thing, especially the analysis of user mouse sliding track, this is not the general statistical system can be done, the sliding track is almost an astronomical data analysis, extremely powerful computing capabilities of these needs, the calculation can be achieved is not a domestic personal statistics system.

the current domestic market, the new occupation has Baidu, YAHOO, and one has been Chinese market statistics were not seen sound GOOGLE, these giants are also trying to carve up the market, their intentions are clear, the establishment of a service in its own system, at the same time, the use of a large personal site for users a large number of behavioral characteristics. Traditional personal website statistics, is currently three points. But I do not intend to see a picture, so I had to look again in the field of statistics seem to lack of coordination, the three world.

This is a

with no intention of user behavior obtained in the analysis, it is not a domestic well-known small personal data on the site, I found a strange statistical code in this small beauty picture stand, this code link obviously reflects another seems to be statistical the site, but very depressed, I follow the link, and did not find any information on this site, the site seems to be deliberately.

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