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s it too high for us to program

small program finally came, and it came along with the "connect everything" ambition.

January 9th morning, WeChat officially launched a small program, WeChat founder Zhang Xiaolong and his circle of friends breath made 6 pictures, about 10 years ago, in January 9, 2007, the first conference iPhone screenshot, the stage curtain is electronic background Jobs personally involved in the production of PPT, is his motto of innovation.

"every once in a while, there will be a revolutionary product." In one of the lower part of the screenshot, there is such a Chinese translation subtitles.

obviously, when the right time came, Zhang Xiaolong did not want to cover up their ideals, or ambition.

over the past 10 years, with iPhone as the representative of smart phones and applications to reshape the way people live. But 10 years later, Zhang Xiaolong’s idea is that popular way to use your mobile phone, but also become more simple, all functions can be achieved within an application, do not need to download and install and register, run out and go, not the space – the light mode, WeChat is a small program.

September 21, 2016, WeChat officially announced the "small program started online" news, the developers discovered that the application number had been changed. Zhang Xiaolong explain what is a small circle of friends under the program, Tencent CEO Ma Huateng message said: Apple does not let the application number, perhaps a good thing."

at the end of last year, when Zhang Xiaolong appeared again WeChat open class, his words almost extinguished, waiting for WeChat small program bonus developers enthusiasm. "There is no unified entrance" push "and" no "app store" cannot share the circle of friends "" limited search "- in these harsh under the rules of the game, a small program can play exactly how much value

?Some developers therefore predict

days after the small program can get WeChat dividend, simply stopped the project. However, when in January 9th the small program unveiled, developers also found that the principle is not fulfilled in the home page click on that button, find the entrance of small programs in the interface can, and users can also take any small program temporarily top in the chat bar at the top.

light awn magazine founder Wang Junyu found that the small program launched in half a day, the page views (PV) have exceeded their earlier this year when the iOS is applied to the line, "we iOS App App Store is still Apple home hanging." Wang Junyu said that the small program enjoyed by WeChat dividends, far more than he expected.

it can’t help but doubt that Zhang Xiaolong compromised at the last minute. In addition to increasing the entrance, there are small changes in the scope of the program function. Social programs have not been allowed to develop, not only appeared, but also further open their development space for the broadcast function.

"we are selling shovels"

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