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The influence of QQ let me unexpected

      Lin Tao, an entrepreneur in China, according to oral finishing by,

      1984, my parents and family moved from Hainan to the District of Shenzhen, the development of Shenzhen electronic industry so that I can come into contact with the computer, in the middle school college entrance examination, I chose Shenzhen University computer professional volunteer.

      four years of college, my study object is UNIX C, the language of the master programmer, but also in the school is responsible for the maintenance of computer room, my solution for computer room is designed by the teacher praise, also can effectively prevent the virus. Of course, sometimes even in order to have more time on the computer, I will write some programs to trick the machine lock. Many software technical personnel are often on their own intelligence is very confident, engaged in software is just a way to compete with each other, and I hope you come up with things that are more, also willing to play a minor role in the technology market.

      1993 from deep after graduation, I entered the runxun company as a software engineer, specializing in software development pager.

      Shenzhen stock market began to heat up in 90s. At the same time, a kind of installed on the computer through the network to show the stock price trend in the stock market card sales, others can do, why can’t you do? So I have a few friends together and develop the stock card become fashionable for a time. In the stock market to make a pot of gold.

      in 1995, I came into contact with (FidoNet), founded in 1984 by Tom Jennings of the United States of america. FidoNet BBS network in the Internet before the world’s most popular BBS network, when a lot of people do not know, but I still remember. At that time gave me an inspiration, for the first time through the traditional telecommunications network can actually communicate with a remote person face to face, which is also the initial motivation to motivate me to start a business, and later I became the network of Shenzhen webmaster.

      the first contact with the network, I know which aspects are useful. I’m a purposeful choice, not just playing. The so-called play, would like to know why this thing is good, why users would like it, is to use a state of mind to try. I started to do is not a simple user. Do more than net, I do the webmaster, equivalent to a website now. At that time, I felt very useful, that this thing can provide a new way of communication. Before the four telephone lines can only use four people at the same time. It is now possible to visit the Internet at the same time, and my stage is much larger.


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