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Three the electricity supplier of agricultural products logistics standard trust Difficult miscellan


technology columnist: Ding Chenling

energy-saving, no one is known to litchi. This is the famous Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu’s "China Palace", a poem we have read the high school textbooks. What is love but Yang eat litchi, litchi preservation is not easy, so the emperor sent a horse relay all the way from south of the Five Ridges to Changan, to Miyagi, litchi is still very fresh, and her good mood.

this is the people only a short while ago, is the palace type treatment that is not in the recent operation of a preferred sf. SF a recent event allows users to order first, then we picked the fresh litchi, SF cold chain and logistics system, the second day to millions of people at home. This is the recent stir fresh electronic commerce; if large refers, is the agricultural electronic commerce. The famous angel investors Xue Manzi also recently invested in a company "for people", dedicated to the people send soil egg. Visible market heat.

but the agricultural and other industrial products, the industry cycle is long, the standard is very low, trust is not enough, and the quality of circulation is not easy; electronic commerce can not solve all the problems, it also causes the agricultural electronic commerce teeter. In fact, even in the United States, Amazon has just been very hard to develop AmazonFresh’s fresh delivery services, the world is concerned, this is an area of not easy to overcome. So what agricultural e-commerce what Difficult miscellaneous diseases, this article, please generous with your criticism.

concept definition: Agricultural electricity supplier

agricultural electricity supplier includes several different concepts

• food electricity supplier

food, eat, drink raw materials and finished products, including agricultural products and food industrialization; agricultural and sideline products mainly refers to the primary products of animals and plants (agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery); industrial food refers to the semi processed or deep processing through industrialization, to facilitate the storage and transportation of food.

• fresh electricity supplier

mainly from fresh agricultural and sideline products, covering the life must be fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat, eggs, milk and other cereals, mainly in (on) a (raised) of a product. Fresh electricity supplier is the core of a word "fresh"!

specialty electricity supplier

specialty is the exclusive agricultural products.

market analysis of agricultural electricity supplier

according to data released by the China Food Industry Association, in 2012 the food industry output value of about 10 trillion, accounting for GDP of the country’s total of 20%, an increase of 4.5% over the previous year. It can be said that food is a very huge market. Another data show that in 2012 China’s circulation into the field of the total value of agricultural and sideline products is 2 trillion and 450 billion, while the circulation of agricultural products through e-commerce only about 1%.


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