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Taobao won the domain name in arrow refers to relevant products and projects

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reported that after the taobao.com shield Baidu search, taobao.com will launch their own independent search channels Amoy network (etao.com), although the current domain name can not be accessed, but the independent search has been in beta, that really belongs to the domain name query, Taobao network.

at the beginning of September taobao.com was the acquisition of yitao.com was Larry domain, netizens speculated as "easy Amoy" Pinyin domain name, is likely to be one of the taobao.com layout online brand protection strategy initiatives, recently reported taobao.com to launch its own Amoy network, has said that yitao.com is more suitable for double spell domain name as the official domain name, Taobao has confirmed the "domain name first" style.

in addition, taobao.com after the acquisition of yitao.com domain name, also acquired the yipai.com Larry domain, the same concern, this is the layout of taobao.com brand protection strategy, or to make early preparations for the new

project?In fact,

, taobao.com acquisition of domain name from the acquisition of taozixun.com/.cn/.com.cn three It is often seen. initiatives, related to the domain name to taobangpai.com/.cn/.com.cn to buy hitao.com/.cn domain name, taobao.com also launched Amoy Amoy channel information, hi.

it can be seen that the attention of taobao.com to domain name, domain name also makes each acquisition act with that role, become a real "domain name" arrow. As everyone knows, the close relationship between domain name and website, the network brand, and taobao.com as a large site, most wide-ranging, naturally with domain name shots, the arrow pointed, both Taobao and its related products or new projects.

in addition to the name of Taobao, Alipay group Alibaba before replacing the domain name, first acquired zhifubao.com three spell domain name, and also held zhifu.com 2010 March, the official Larry domain, the two Alipay Pinyin domain forwarding to the official website of alipay. Visible, the domain name strategic layout has become a common enterprise and will move.

for the domain name investors, taobao.com each launch of a new project of new product, the domain name was registered in the first time, taobao.com tree shade, influence should not be overlooked, nature also can benefit the people under the shade trees. Prior to the launch of Taobao Taobao vision, Taobao recruitment and Amoy wholesale channels, its related typo domain names have been registered.

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