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The first exposure site rectification notification

Legal Daily News January 8th (reporter Zhu Lei) reporter today from the China Internet association Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center learned that since January 5th, the State Council Information Office, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other seven departments held a national Internet campaign vulgarity special action television and telephone conference and announced the first batch of 19 website list after a few days, some sites actively carry out clean-up and remediation work, and to the public apology, but there are still some poor management website.

bulletin, remediation work to clean up the good website of 3, the 3 site rectification measures more effective, the vulgar content to conduct a comprehensive clean-up; need to continue remediation clean-up site has 11, Center for these sites increase the clean-up remediation efforts to take more effective measures to conduct a comprehensive clean-up work vulgar content; clean up the ineffective remediation site has 5, center of these sites require a thorough cleanup of vulgar content.

today, the Internet association of China Internet Illegal and bad information reporting center also announced the national remediation Internet vulgar wind second batch of exposure site list. 14 sites due to the presence of a large number of violations of social morality, the damage to the physical and mental health of young people and vulgar content was exposed.

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