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The webmaster Tuiyou network promote and comment with credibility

as the saying goes, Standers-by see more than gamesters. Today, Zhang Shengrong saw a good article, said Tuiyou network (www.ttuu.com), Tuiyou network is the webmaster network’s website, Zhang Shengrong understanding is Tuiyou means excellent website promotion, website promotion by their reputation, some of the more famous website, let us comment.

Zhang Shengrong launched Tuiyou network that stationmaster net is designed to facilitate the owners to quickly find reassurance resources, Tuiyou network belongs to the webmaster comment websites, these review sites common business model: the comment gather popularity, attracting businesses, but the existing problem is the lack of a clear and diversified profit model.

rely on popular pull word of mouth

A5 webmaster network traffic, popularity is high, every day will gather hundreds of thousands of webmaster, the webmaster in the webmaster web browsing information, communication, intermediary. Because the webmaster network traffic, high popularity, just launched a new station, will quickly grow up, this is the advantage of the webmaster network.

fairness was challenged

have businesses to write their own praise to hype, there are businesses to write bad reviews competitors to attack competitors. How to distinguish them, the removal of these things is the webmaster Tuiyou network to do the work. Some inaccurate information, will give users and users of poor experience, to change this situation, it is a great challenge for Tuiyou it. But it is unavoidable: This is the website webmaster Tuiyou does not guarantee absolute fairness. Tuiyou "embarrassment" is that it is necessary to take into account the views of users, the relative harmony between the interests and the maintenance and large businesses. This measure is both subtle and ambiguous, and can not be too close to either side or too far. "If the user on the web site released a very sharp comment, it will be deleted; and the industry ranking of the top few businesses, the site can not be said to tell the truth every day and scold.

What are the benefits of


if it is in front of the top 10 can also, out of the top ten have no meaning. Just like first come first served. If he is designed to praise the more the more forward, you can show that justice.

if the A5 users open to the webmaster Tuiyou network

can bring active, and can improve the real comments, if it is to tourists to comment itself is not what meaning. Is one of the core strengths.

improve bad comment method

Zhang Shengrong believes that if you press this to do believe can reduce the false comments. There are three ways:

is a manual audit strictly, for each comment, Tuiyou network must carry out regular pure artificial audit, once found suspected of fraud, Tuiyou network should be strictly on the publication of false comments and reviews of the website, the expert points, and the comments deleted; < /p>

two is precisely the IP address, Tuiyou network analysis system.

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