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How to deal with the problem of content replication

      the article on how to avoid duplication of web pages, and to ensure the high quality of web content and improve the weight of the web page, do a detailed exposition, and provides a method.

      the author is an employee of Google, the absolute authority.

      properly block search engine access:

      instead of allowing our algorithm to determine the "best" version of a file, you might want to guide Google to select your preferred version. For example, if you don’t want us to index the print version of your web site, you can write a directory name or regular expression in your robots.txt file to ban Google from grabbing the print version.
      use 301 redirect:

      if you have to reconstruct your website, please use a 301 redirect in your original website.Htaccess (permanent redirect) to redirect your users, Google crawler, and other search engine spiders.

      link should be consistent:

      try to keep your internal links consistent; do not have both /page/ and /page and /page/index.htm internal links.

      use the top-level domain name: in order for us to always use the most appropriate version of the file, please use the top-level domain name as far as possible. Compared with example.com/de or de.example.com, such as URL, Google must be more clear that example.de is a German based content.

      be careful for the joint syndicated:

      if you also provide your content on other sites, please include a link to the original article in each of the other web sites. Note: even so, for a query, Google always shows what we consider to be the most suitable (not banned by the site) version, which may or may not be what you want.

      use the Google Webmaster Tools preferred domain function:

      if other sites link to your URL using both the WWW version and the WWW version, you can use Google webmaster tools to let me

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